Podcast 1 - Q&A and basic IB tips

In this episode, Ivan and Laura-Lee will answer 20 questions about the IB, such as sleep, procrastination, and workload.   

2IB questions to 3IB
1.How do you survive?

2.Do you still have a life?

3.Did you do a lot of work during the summer before 3IB?

4.Any good websites that could help with different subjects? Are there any youtubechannels, apps etc. that have helped you to study?

5.How many hours of sleep do you get?

6.How much do you usually study a day?

7.How do you tackle procrastination?

8.How do you manage with CAS, despite all of its different elements andrequirements?

9.What do you do when you fall terribly behind on homework?

10.How do you manage time with IAs, TOK, EE etc?

11.(For those of you who went to ISB) what is the extended essay like? Is it likepersonal project?

12.How is the 3IB workload compared to the 2IB?

13.Do you ever regret taking the IB?

14.How do you study during the summer holidays?

15.Does biology SL get easier?

16.How do you come up with easy but interesting topics for your EE/IAs?

17.It can be quite easy to forget about assignments; how do you keep track ofhomework?

18.How long did you procrastinate?

19.Do you go to parties?

20.Do you have any really bad teachers?