The 3IB “Psychologists”

It’s not a surprise that the current 3IB students will be expected to graduate by next year of June 2021. In preparation for their graduation day, the students have been quite busy working on their internal assessments. Of course, this includes the Psychology students, in which some have recently performed their experiments for their awaited IA.

The Psychology students replicated an existing study that was later adapted to fit their surroundings. The IA is usually worth 25% of your final grade, however, due to the pandemic, paper two has been cancelled for this year, (May 2021), so it is now worth 35% of their final grade.

To gain some insight on the experiment, I interviewed the Psychology teacher, Anette Arnesen Toppe. She first described the purpose of the experiment which she stated: “This IA is a chance to give students the ability to put their contents and knowledge into practice. To learn how to become a researcher while getting to experience the challenges in creating your own experiment first hand.” Anette was glad to report that the students did exceptionally well in the planning and execution of their experiments. She concluded the interview by giving some advice to students planning to take Psychology should they attend the IB:

“The Psychology IA is something to look forward to and it is an interesting way to work. It is going to be challenging and can be frustrating due to unexpected challenges, but it is a good way to learn.”

I also took the opportunity to interview Amanda Johnsen-Harnandez and Karla Juric, two students from one of the 3IB groups that conducted a psychological experiment. Amanda and Karla’s group experiment investigated “How self-reference can affect memory.” Seeing that the experiment was in English they used the 2IB Psychology and History class as the participants. A challenge that they faced was that they were unable to use ‘outside’ participants due to the social distancing guidelines for this pandemic. Despite this, they were quite satisfied with their experiment:

“It was exciting to have an actual experiment where one could apply the knowledge. It was a fun experience. It wasn’t so scary, but I was a little bit nervous when we first had the actual experiment with participants. However, it went really well and our results agreed with our hypothesis,” Amanda explained.

In terms of the internal assessment in Psychology, they advised other students not stress too much of it. They believe that it is important to corporate with your group and to choose your partners wisely. The 3IB student also recommends keeping the experiment itself simple and to not make it more complicated than the original study. They explained that much of the time will be spent on interpreting the results as well as writing the report, or the IA.

At the end, I interviewed some participants from the different experiments conducted by the 3IB Psychology students. Here, I mainly asked them how they felt about the overall experiment and why they participated in it.

Here are what some of the participants had to say:

Alezzia Valdiviezo:

“I took part in the experiment because I thought it would be useful to help the 3IB students, as obtaining participants would be a bit difficult. I thought this was a fun and interesting experiment and I am interested in seeing the results. I found that they did very well on this experiment”


“I thought it was mandatory to help the 3IB students. I was curious about the purpose of the experiment but at the end of the experiment they allowed us to know. I would also like to wish the 3IB students good luck on their final assessments. Have fun with your exams”

Mille Gaaserud:

“I felt like I was contributing to help future generations to gain greater knowledge about human behaviours. I felt very safe doing the experiment due to the professionality that the 3IB showed”

Eskil Sviggum:

“I wanted to do something nice and it really didn’t bother me to be a part of the experiment. I think it would be cool if we could use their data to analyze and evaluate.”

Eirik Storevik:

“I joined because I was asked to. I was surprised because I thought I would have remembered more. This was an interesting experiment”