Summarised: The IB Katfood Halloween competition

By Isabella Asifiwe Kirya

Halloween is a world favourite holiday: bucket loads of candy, spooky jack-o’- lanterns, hair-raising scary movies; there’s an endless list of things which makes the day marvellous. But, everyone knows that Halloween would simply not be the same without the incorporation of cool costumes. At Bergen Cathedral School, students were able to show their astounding creativity through their Halloween ensembles at a competition a few days before the cherished celebration.

The competition took place in a hallway that goes through the library. There were ravishingly stunning decorations, many of which were pretty scary: ghost cutouts to send chills up people's spines at each corner, white rags and cloths to create an uncanny imitation of a phantom’s house and eerie cobweb mimicry. It was like the gothic haunted houses seen in movies were condensed into that single hallway. At the end of the hall there was a wall with similar decorations where contenders would take their pictures for judges to look at later when deciding the winners.

3 contenders were chosen as the winners in the following categories: scariest costume, most impressive costume and best group costume. They were each gifted buckets spilling with a wide assortment of sweets and candies.

The winner for the scariest costume was Julian who wore torn clothes with stains of fake blood, making it look like he had just committed a terribly messy and unpleasant murder. He also wore a black plastic mask with LED lights outlining the dead emoji. He looked like a serial killer straight out of a movie, and even managed to make a few judges jump right out of their skins!

Above: Julian who won the prize for scariest costume.

The winner for the most impressive costume was Benjamin who came dressed in a fat suit of an “Among us” character.

Above: Benjamin who came dressed in a fat suit of an Among us character.

The winners for the best group costume were Lena and Silje who came dressed as characters from the recently popular show, “Squid Game”.

To the left: Lena seen wearing the same outfit that the characters of the renown show wore during the second last episode at the dinner table.

To the right: Silje seen wearing an uncanny impression of the workers’ attire.

The event was a great success with over 20 participants. It was an exciting way to get the students in high spirits for Hallow’s eve!


Squid Game pictures: