Ladies and gentlemen, we have witnessed and encountered the infamous COVID-19 for approximately a year. It’s not a lie that COVID has challenged our everyday lives in the most bothersome way. Unfortunately, Bergen Katedralskole has also been challenged to a match against this vicious virus, especially since November’s spike in cases. In other words, the school faced yet another lockdown as a defense mechanism. A few students and teachers were temporarily affected, but not for long.

Thankfully, the school’s administrators had to step in and take over the match. Each class was given a particular day to attend school physically, while those not present in school had online class. As a result, there was a significant decrease of students present at school. The school also made changes to the school’s original policies in order to adapt to the situation, such as sanitizing desks after each class. Changes in the seating plan meant that students were spaced out with a one desk distance between each other. Although it’s been a month since November’s rise of cases, the school continues to maintain the hand sanitizer at the entrance of the school. By doing so, the school hopes to have limited the potential breakout of the virus especially within students and teachers. For now the BKS leads with 1:0 against COVID.

The teachers were then dragged into the fight, and had to quickly adjust their teaching plan in pace with the sudden quarantine. Luckily over time, teachers were able to manage and adapt to the situation well, doing their best to provide students with the same quality of teaching. It was interesting to see teachers overcome the few challenges such as slides not working or students not cooperating. Some teachers made their test available online or simply rescheduled to a day when the students were present at school. So learning was not derailed. BKS leads with an extra point, 2:0

After a month had gone by, it was already the first week of December with a decrease of COVID cases. The school was able to knock out COVID and everyone was finally allowed to return to school. Of course, many worried over an early celebration, that could lead to another lockdown. However, the majority of the students still remained cautious and obeyed the situation's current health guidelines. The students have also been given the privilege of having the last two days of school online. This was done so that students with families outside of the city of Bergen could celebrate Christmas, or the winter holidays with them. If not, then some students would have to quarantine themselves after arrival at Bergen, ultimately affecting their school attendance for the new year.

So we are glad to report that at the end of this match, Bergen Cathedral School has done a great job in ensuring the safety of the students and teachers. Leaving Bergen Cathedral School with an outstanding victory.