Ending Year 2020 with our “Secret Santa-Giftees”

After a few weeks of social distancing with online school, students and teachers were finally allowed to meet up as normal. By the end of November most of the students were excited and thankful to meet up physically, leaving behind the days with awkward Google Meets and postponed tests. They decided to do something lovely for each other, in hopes to at least end 2020 with a little bit of happiness.

A student from 2IB came up with the idea of having Secret Santa for the coming holiday season, where participants would draw random names to become someone’s Secret Santa and send their Christmas wishes through small presents.

More than 20 students participated and all the presents were given out on the last day at school before winter break. It was a great opportunity for all the students to warm the giftees’ hearts and do something fun together. The presents varied from student to student but each of them contained the most lovely and heartfelt wishes to the receivers.

Secret Santa is an excitement of buying gifts, receiving and guessing one’s Secret Santa. Through this small and sweet event, the 2IB has had a cheerful year’s end after weeks of hard work.

With that being said, the Katfood wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Let’s hope that year 2021 will be better somehow, shall we?

Regards, The Katfood