A 2IB student’s first impression on the IB

I first heard about the IB program which is an international program from my high school teacher, and wasn’t interested in it. It wasn’t until I had my own goals and plan for my future that I decided to get to know the IBDP (IB Diploma Program). The IB is more than an English program, it is a globally accepted program and more importantly, it is going to give me a wider range of choices for my education path. In addition, the courses and the subjects are very interesting which I think can help me to develop a wider and deeper understanding in different subject groups. In my opinion, the IB program really encourages me to think outside the box and develop in different aspects.

I know it has been only two months and it’s a little bit early to conclude, but I must admit, the IB program is challenging and the workload is big. The IB diploma really relies on self-motivated work so it’s important to have our homework done, but it can be a good thing. It makes me realize how important it is to prioritize and manage my time well. But don’t worry, here at Katten, we are provided lessons and workshops that give us the tools and strategies that can help us control the workload. Besides that, the classes are very interesting, and we have opportunities to try out new things and have fun. I talked more, I laughed more, and I think I am in an amazing environment for studying and socializing. Moreover, fulfilling the learning outcomes for CAS is a chance for me to have some fun extracurriculars and to force me out of my comfort zone.

I think it’s very important to navigate your goals when considering taking the IB. I know that there are only a few people that have already decided their path of education and even have their dream school, but your goals will have an important role when it comes to deciding an education program. Taking the IB is going to be challenging and you must dedicate the time and effort to your schoolwork, but it is going to be worth it and it can be the best preparation for universities. If you dream of studying abroad or you just enjoy challenges, IB might be the perfect choice for you.

If you have already decided to take the IB it might be a good idea to be acquainted with the program and the subjects. Choosing the subjects is very important, because you are going to learn it for the whole two years. You could try out different subjects before determining which suits you best, but don't forget to pick the one that you truly like and are good at. At Katten, you can get the best advice from the teachers and students when it comes to choosing the subject. It’s not going to be easy so I think you can take the advantage by doing some research in the summer vacation.

To be honest, I know it is going to be difficult and demanding which I believe that is what every IB student must go through. There are the IAs, the Extended Essay and TOK that I must be well prepared for, but I think I will enjoy this following two years and do my best for them. As mentioned earlier, the subjects are very interesting, the people are really kind, and I think taking the IB at Bergen Cathedral school is one of the best decisions I have made. I do believe that the IBDP is going to make you a well-rounded student.