Food for thought

How would you like to contribute to the next Katfood issue?

Do you want to participate in the next Katfood issue? It's quite easy actually, and we mostly accept a wide variety of things. Whether it's an article, commentary, recommendation or an illustration you would like to share. Plus, it'll help you gain some sweet CAS hours...

What can I send in?

We accept articles, short stories, and commentaries. Poetry, illustrations, comics. Film-, game-, and music recommendations. Advice or anything else worth sharing. These are just some examples. Maybe you'd rather suggest a story, perhaps? 

Who can participate?

Technically anyone. Students and teachers, so we encourage you to participate with anything you have in mind. Go ahead! 

How can I send my work?

We would like you to inform us beforehand before submitting your entry. You can ask and submit to via the form above.

If not, then you can contact one of our 3IB Editors or supervisor Jasmijn Van Huis, who should be roaming around the hallways.