March/April Horoscopes

Aries (20/3 - 19/4)

Being optimistic and open-minded to welcome all the luck is coming to you. You might have a boring start, but everything will change and occur in a better way. School life seems daunting and boring at the beginning of this period, but fear not! By the end of your path lay waiting is your best result achieved through hard work. A tip for you is to look at the problem as a whole when trying to solve it. 

It is advised to move on from any bad relationship and prioritize the present. Be honest to your loved ones, confronting your own feelings can also be a good way to prepare for the coming events

Giving some thought before acquiring a luxury and purchasing on impulse for entertainment purposes should be avoided.

Lucky color: Orange, rose

Lucky places: City center, fast food places


Taurus (19/4 - 20/5)

New challenges and changes are expected to be encountered, and they might not be very pleasant. Confronting and figuring out the solution might be the key. The decisions are in your hands so don’t be reluctant to ask for help. Keep up your working ethics and everything will find its place. New tasks and challenges might be overwhelming but don’t stress out and take it easy.

A period of crisis with protective quarrels, the focus is on Taurus couples. Before things go irreversible, think of the quickest and most compact solution! Find a friend you can rely on as sharing hardship or simply an interchange of thoughts can be helpful.

Stop and pay attention to your surroundings, as the one that you really need right now is a friend. The friend will give you a rest place and help you to make better decisions.

There won't be a huge crisis with your financial situation, but avoid being too frugal to your close and loved ones. 

Lucky color: Black, violet

Lucky places: Book store, walking street


Gemini (20/5 - 21/6)

Impulsive action should be avoided. Be calm, think wise and stand by your point of view. Be careful being affected by emotion when making decisions. Your effort in work will be paid off and new opportunities to develop are coming.

In this period, Geminis don’t have to be in a hurry with their relationship, sometimes waiting can be the best choice. Spend time investing in yourself and developing your skills. Don’t be so doubtful about everything, and stay positive in your relationships.

An illusory sense of well being could distract yourself, being cold minded and consider possible alternatives before making a huge expenditure. Step one step back and look for a broader goal before making decisions, especially on spending.

Lucky color: Beige, brown

Lucky places: Convenient stores, shopping center


Cancer (21/6 - 22/7)

Unexpected encounters might be waiting for you. Social activities and entertainment are plentiful. Be confident and take courage when meeting new people as they can be important and precious friends in your life. Set all your worries aside and embrace all the luck that is waiting for you. Trusting yourself and what you know when making decisions

Being straightforward and well-informed in your relationships. A friend with good intentions might be misunderstood, thus, listening carefully and expressing your true feelings can strengthen your relationships. Pisces and Taurus can be your perfect match.

Cancer will also receive a lot of help from new friends and encounters. However, you do not need to feel burdened by receiving help from others. Surely you will have a chance to show your gratitude.

Lucky colors: Yellow, blue

Lucky places: Train station, park


Leo (22/7 - 22/8)

This will be a peaceful and auspicious period for a Leo. Mind concerning obstacles and problems will be solved. You might spend time with no unexpected events and this could be boring, but keep working as usual and maintain your enthusiasm as well as your creativity.

Be honest but think twice before you speak. You could be misunderstood by your words, so be careful. Surprised fortune might come to you, use the money wisely and it can be saved for future uses.

Lucky colors: Pink, yellow

Lucky places: Snacks bar, camping places


Virgo (22/8 - 22/9)

Try to take control over your time, the workload and the decisions in the future. There will be lots of activities and events coming to you. Stay calm and rashly act should be curtailed. Keep your pace, take one step at once, and everything will be under your control. You will meet huge luck in your work and maybe a promotion if you are working. However, don’t forget to take care of yourself and pay more attention to your health.

There will be good news in your relationships. Be courageous and good results will come. Be understanding and treasure your loved ones and what you are having now.

Financial achievements will be yours in this period. Seize your opportunities and utilize the help of everyone around you.

Lucky colors: Sky blue, black

Lucky places: Shopping center, public transportation


Libra (22/9 - 23/10)

In this period, it is good to limit any conservative and stubborn viewpoint. Be flexible and take the initiative to adapt to any unexpected situations. As long as you are able to be aware of the problems and find nimble solutions, obstacles will turn into opportunities and you will be the lead. 

Intentions for a new relationship might be the cause of worries and keep you from your work. Paying attention in your work might be the best thing to do at this time of the months. There might be some misunderstanding between you and your loved one, try to be sincere and avoid big quarrels.

Towards the end of the March will be a favorable time for you to do some careful shopping. Spend your money as there will be no struggles for you in money during this time. Besides work and study, spend time to relax and enjoy your days off.

Lucky colors: Blue, orange

Lucky places: Café, library


Scorpio (23/10 - 22/11)

This is the time when perseverance and hard-work are the most important. Don’t waste your time and work harder than anyone else. You will be able to develop and build new goals. Your past experience could be helpful.

It might be the time for you to step back to look at your relationships. You might leave some space for yourself and reflect. Believe in yourself and your decisions. Look around and there might be a person who is taking care of you.

Your spending could exceed the amount you have, but as long as you spend the money wisely and have control over it there is nothing to worry about.

Lucky color: Brown, navy blue

Lucky places: Public bus stops, restaurants


Sagittarius (22/11 - 21/12)

Lots of entertainment and social activities with good friends will bring unexpected news and make your days. Be open and accept their help and advice. Your working area is bringing you pleasant circumstances and experiences should be well learned. Everything is happening as planned and take the advantage of your sense of humor.


Controlling your emotions, standing aside and observing might be a good idea. Lovely gatherings and dates will also be featured, thus there are no big worries for you about your relationships. Nevertheless, spending more time strengthening your relationships might be great in April.

There won’t be any problems or challenges in your finances. However, spend on necessities and be careful before paying for any luxuries that are beyond your capacity.

Lucky colors: White, burnt orange

Lucky places: Bar, park


Capricorn (21/12 - 21/1)

Avoid interfering with others’ problems is your mission. Your good intentions could be misunderstood and bring undesirable results. There might be changes in the future especially at your home base. Preoccupation with drastic changes could bother you for a period, but communicating with your close people can help you to clarify your thoughts. Relying on your close friends and family is a good idea.

You might face different choices that you have to consider carefully, but spend more time on other aspects of life and not only for relationships in this period.

This coming time will be a very good time in Capricorn finances. Luck will come constantly to you in March. Be generous and keep up your working momentum.

Lucky colors: Periwinkle, red

Lucky places: Grocery stores, cosmetic stores


Aquarius (21/1 - 18/2)

It is a favourable time for both social and material achievements. Be prepared and you have a detailed plan for everything. Success is on your side, and everything you have planned will work out the way you want. Remember to have faith in yourself. Take time to review your plans to make sure you won’t miss out on anything important.

Express yourself freely and be confident, it is a great way to attract the one you like. Be determined and decisive in your relationships. Interchanging ideas with your families can give you learning experiences.

Being frugal is advised. Buy when you need to and pay more attention to prices in the beginning of the month.

Lucky colors: Red, white

Lucky places: Salons, religion related locations


Pisces (19/2 - 20/3)

You will be experiencing or learning something very new and this requires flexibility and perhaps a breakthrough. Believe in your dreams and enjoy the experience, you could be transformed to a new better you. Avoid overthinking and try to get your work done earlier.

Keep your mind open to suggestions and be engaging in your social activities. Trying to expand your network and group of friends can give you precious encounters and good unexpected relationships. 

Your decisions will have a greater impact during this period. Consider carefully any part-time jobs that match you and be careful when making decisions on spending.

Lucky colors: Navy blue, green

Lucky places: Good restaurants, amusement park