Vday quiz: What is your love language?

Q1)  What is your ideal date?

  1. Your partner cooking a meal for you

  2. Staying in and watching a movie

  3. You and your partner making dinner together

  4. Going dancing

  5. Going out for a fancy meal

Q2)  What is a turn-off for you in someone?

  1. When they are not kind to you and others

  2. When they talk too much about themselves

  3. When they prioritise other people over you

  4. Emotionally unavailable

  5. Forgetting important dates, i.e your birthday

Q3) Which characteristic is the most important in a partner?

  1. Loyalty

  2. Intelligence

  3. Funny

  4. Passionate

  5. Empathetic

Q4) You haven’t seen your partner in a long time. When you finally see them, you would like…

  1. For your partner to have cooked you a nice homemade meal you can share together

  2. For both of you to sit and have a long conversation about what’s happened in your lives

  3. For your partner to dedicate the next few days with different activities you can do together

  4. To be greeted with a hug

  5. To receive a thoughtful gift from your partner based on your preferences

Q5) Finally, you and your partner have an argument and they were at fault. You’re more likely to forgive them if…

  1. They go out their way to try and help you with any problems you might have

  2. They express in detail how sorry they are and acknowledge where they went wrong

  3. They try to contact or see you more to let you know how much they regret whatever mistake they made

  4. They try to make it up to through spending alone time with you and intimacy

  5. They shower you with presents

Determination of results:

Answered A 3-5 times: Acts of Service

Answered B 3-5 times: Words of affirmation

Answered C 3-5 times: Quality time

Answered D 3-5 times: Physical Touch

Answered E 3-5 times: Receiving gifts