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Halloween Competition

About Competition

This year the IB KatFood will be having a HALLOWEEN COSTUME COMPETITION! 


What will happen?

- On October 28th we will be taking photos of all the participants in their Halloween costumes.

- Participants will be evaluated by the judges (to be announced) for three categories:

      * Scariest Costume

      * Best Group / Couple Costume

      * Most Outstanding Costume

- The pictures will then be emailed to the participants.

- The winner will be announced the following week. Date to be announced.


How to join?

- Register by filling out the form below. 

- Also if possible, please indicate if you will be there at lunch time or at 13:45

- Please be sure to provide a valid email to ensure you collect your photo.

- ALL students are welcomed  to participate!!


Where and When?

- The pictures will be taken in the library.

- During the lunch period we will have the students who registered in advance, and @ 13:45 we will have students who did not get photographed during lunch together with  the students who are registering on the day.

Other Info:

- We will have students on the day that would be able to assist with anything you might need on that day.

- If you do not want to participate but would like to offer help with any thing (make-up, costumes, decorations etc.) feel free to indicate so by filling out the form below and list what you would like to do in the comment section.

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