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We have a podcast now!

An introductory podcast answering your questions about aspects of the IB, such as procrastination, sleep, the Extended Essay, TOK, and working habits.  

Join and listen to chill and gossip about the IB with us :-) 

Halloween Competition 2021

The winners and the Judges comments:

Most impressive costume:

Benjamin was dressed up as a character from Among Us. The judges all thought the costume was very funny and were impressed by the effort it took to actually wear it. It definitely turned heads.

Special mention also goes to Tuva's farmer costume, which the judges thought was well done, and many compliments for Tom Costigan who dressed up as Katten’s fairy godmother and enchanted all the judges. 

Also, the judges all agreed that if there had been a prize for cuteness it would have gone to Sunna (Tellytubby) and Aurora (gamer)


Scariest costume:

Julian was dressed up as Halloween creep. The judges described his costume as “horrible, graphic, bloody and well-done”. Very halloweeny! Laura Lee said Julian quite scared her when she met him in the hallway. 


Best group costume:

Lena and Silje   were dressed up as a Squid Game player and a silent attendant. Their choice of costume was very “now” and on-trend, and the judges were impressed by the effort they had put into the costumes. The costumes were well-made and very recognizable. Also, both Lena and her friend acted their parts well. 

The judges also liked the Scooby-Doo, superman, batman group but, in the end, Squid Game received more points for having the same theme.

Skills for the IB:

The Podcast

In this episode, Ivan and Laura-Lee will answer 20 questions about the IB, such as sleep, procrastination, and workload.   

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Meet Gertrud Cigen, the school's Biology teacher and Hunter. In this video we'll give you insight on how IB Biology works, while providing some fun facts about Gertrud.

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