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Meet Gertrud Cigen, the school's Biology teacher and Hunter. In this video we'll give you insight on how IB Biology works, while while providing some fun facts about Gertrud.

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The Newsletter publishes small issues on both the stressful and fun parts that happen within the International Baccalaureate Program of Bergen Cathedral School. If there is anything that you would want to submit or report on, then we would be pleased to accept your food for thought.

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We accept articles, short stories and commentaries. Poetry, illustrations, comic strips, photographs. Film-, game-, and music recommendations. Advice, podcasts, videos, anything there is to share. For more information click here

IB Announcements
Here are the COVID-made adaptions to the M2022 Exam schedule: 
Group 1: Language A: Literature and Lang&Lit Paper 2 is cancelled. 
Group 2: Language B: the listening comprehension from Paper 2 has been removed. At HL teachers may share two extracts from the same literary text with students. 
Group 3: Economics: Paper 2 consists of one question from Section A or B
History: Paper 2 consists of one question.
All Individuals and Societies HL courses: Paper 3 now consists of two questions. 
Group 4: All Sciences courses: Paper 3 has been removed.
Group 5: Much to our disappointment, no changes have been made to the Mathematics courses.
Group 6Visual Arts: The exhibition consists of 4-6 resolved works at SL, and 7-10 at HL.
Check attachment file for the M2022 Exam schedule:
You'll have to decide whether you're happy or sad about the new changes...
The M2021 Marking and weighting scheme:
The M2022 assessment band may be similar to this one. 


Currently featuring horoscopes...

March/April Horoscopes


Being optimistic and open-minded to welcome all the luck is coming to you. You might have a boring start, but everything will change and occur in a better way. School life seems daunting and boring at the beginning of this period, but fear not! By the end of your path lay waiting is your best result achieved through hard work. A tip for you is to look at the problem as a whole when trying to solve it. 

It is advised to move on from any bad relationship and prioritize the present. Be honest to your loved ones, confronting your own feelings can also be a good way to prepare for the coming events

Giving some thought before acquiring a luxury and purchasing on impulse for entertainment purposes should be avoided.

Lucky color: Orange, rose

Lucky places: City center, fast food place

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